Gabriella Dennery
Musician • Composer • Songwriter

“You’ll  stop what you’re doing and dance just for the joy of it.”

Deeply inspired by the power and passion of percussion, the pure fun of 70’s disco and dance music from the African diaspora, Gabriella jumped from medicine to music, bridging her love of music and healing, for an eclectic rhythmic blend. Along her journey, she added African djembe and Haitian drumming to her skill set, while infusing her violin with African diaspora styles. Gabriella was known for her work as Founder and Director of Grace Drums Womens’ percussion and vocal ensemble, performing for many years throughout NYC.

Since 2006, she eagerly creates djembe workshops for adult women to find out-of-the-box inspiration. Her ongoing class From Zero to Show: Djembe Workshop for Grown Women reaches women from all walks of life. In 2013, Gabriella received a citation from the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office for her work with drumming workshops for domestic violence survivors.

Currently, Gabriella records her original drum stylings. Her pop song ‘Miracles’ was recently published by Soda Box Music. She is looking forward to placing her music in media, fun collaborations across musical genres, and taking her workshops on the road.


Upcoming Events


An original composition by Gabriella Dennery, Live!

Mark your Calendar! 

MLK Jr. Day Monday January 21, 2019 @ 6:30 pm; Location TBA

Skilled performers from different disciplines -african percussion, jazz, dance, vocals – will workshop my original composition STRONG. We then open the doors to you for a FREE presentation of the new work.
Inspired by the Doundounba rhythms of Guinea, West Africa (dance of the strong woman/ strong man), STRONG celebrates the joy in collective creativity, the courage in vulnerability, and the strength in community.

More details to come!


Cross Continental
Five Djembes


A Funny Thing Happens On The Way to A Vision

A musician (personally, I prefer the phrase Creator of Positive Vibration Through Music) is not exempt from day to day living amongst the mortals.  In my humanness, I get caught up in the whirlwind of life: time for self-care, family, household, bills, school.   It seems that every time one thing gets checked off the list, ten more […]

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When The Doctor Whispers ‘Cancer’; And Other Sweet Nothings

I first posted this blog on my LinkedIN page in September 2018.  I paste it here now because I refer to it on my next blog. Best and blessings to you! To the journey! For each person who hears that word, the reaction is uniquely theirs.  I can therefore only speak of my experience in the […]

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Change is a bear, isn’t it!

On my way across the bridge to New Jersey, ahead of the moving truck containing all our belongings, I discovered that just because I’m still close to good old’ NYC, the world of suburbia is indeed very different. I first found out, much to my horrorification, I can’t order take out after 9 pm. Yup. […]

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So what is happening with Grace Drums?

Well, in a nutshell: After 10 years of directing, and performing with Grace Drums and its predecessor BaTuBa Percussions, I have made the exciting decision to laser focus Grace Drums efforts to powerful djembe workshops for Grown Women. Check out my blog Change is a bear isn’t it! for all the juicy details. Alas, Grace […]

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Book a drum workshop with Gabriella

Featuring collaboration, cooperation, and creativity

Much more than hitting a few notes, drummers in this workshop learn to collaborate with peer, play in a rhythm orchestra, encourage each other, and learn to have fun again.

Let’s talk about what your college, organization, or group envisions for a drum workshop.  As always, no playing experience needed, and drums can be brought in!

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